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After years, International Man of Mystery, Austin Powers, finally manages to capture Dr. Evil and this action gets him nighted by the British queen. However, things are not all good as a new villain called Goldmember kidnaps Nigel Powers, Austin’s father, and heads back to the seventies by using a time machine. Basil Exposition orders Austin to get his father back and by means of a groovy car/time machine, Austin travels back aswell to confront Goldmember in his own discotheque, Studio 69.

Meanwhile, the evil Dr.Evil and Mini-me escape from prison and when Goldmember returns to the current time, they get together and inform the World Organisation that they will destroy earth by having a passing comet impact on our beloved planet, making it completely flooded. Now it’s up to Austin Powers and his colleague Foxxy Cleopatra to not only save Austin’s father but also the rest of the world.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is superb with nice bright colors, good contrast and sharp detail. The minor grain and the occasional compression error are not disturbing and there’s not dirt or flaws on the print.

The soundtrack is very good with a lot of use of the surround channels, creating a nice environmental sound, and the music tracks come out really pounding like seventies music should.

We start off with an audio commentary track by director Roach and writer/actor Mike Myers. The All-Access Pass gets you in a submenu where there’s a couple of short featurettes on the making of the movie which are very interesting. Next up there’s a huuuuuuge section with deleted scenes, some being very funny, some a bit less funny. All can be viewed with or without director’s commentary.

Beyond The Movie contains a couple of featurettes which take a closer look at certain scenes or styles that have been used in the latest Austin Powers movie while the “Visual FX Segment” goes more in-depth on the high-budget special effects. Last we get music videos from Britney Spears, Beyoncé Knowles and a bunch of trailers

Austin Power movies don’t have subtle humour, but if you like slapstick you’ll find a couple of scenes which are really hilarious. Personally, I find Goldmember the best Austin Powers movie I’ve seen but the amount of money that’s used to create the film, and the huge amount of cameo’s from various celebrities probably has something to do with that 🙂 The load of extras on the disk is very interesting and will keep you occupied for a while. A great dvd for the fans.

Our Score:

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