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Good Sheperd, The

Daniel Clemens (Slater) left his girlfriend to join the ranks of priests, do good in the world, and in the meantime do the work of God. At least, that’s what he wanted. In reality, his priesthood is limited to the thing he does best: raising funds for the Church. When a fellow priest gets arrested on suspicion of murder, Daniel is requested to handle the media surrounding the case but when the priest dies in prison, supposedly suicide, he thinks something more is going on. Despite warnings of his Cardinal, Clemens decides to investigate the matter and soon finds out several things are not what they seem…

Sound and Vision:
The image has no compression errors, but the overall quality clearly shows this is a TV movie. Don’t expect anything special.

The soundtrack comes in 5.1 but effects are quite scarse so there’s little to say about it.


Christian Slater (Mindhunters, Very Bad Things) has a very strange career. He’s played some very good roles (Young Guns II) but always manages to be in total crap films as well (Alone in the Dark). This is a first movie he’s done after Mindhunters and one should really give him a decent agent that helps him pick out good storylines as this film is boring as hell. There’s little tension, the storyline is predictable and although some other cast members (Stephen Rea and Molly Parker) suggest it might be something good, none of them manage to uplift the movie.

To conclude I would like to state that in the middle of the film, I fell asleep for about 20 minutes and when I woke up, I could still follow what was going on. Nothing interesting had happened… Guess that says it all!

Our Score:

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