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Good Thief, The

Bob Montagnet (Nolte) is a master when it comes to thievery. However, he’s been caught one too many times and his addictions to drugs and gambling don’t really help him in his illegal activities. Everyone in his surroundings is convinced that he’s done his last strike and has retired, but when his money has run out, it’s time for him to take back his life and make one last major strike. With the help of a couple of friends of his, he manages to get over his drug problem and is ready to do his thing. He’s got a great plan to rob a casino on the French riviera but someone already informed the police that he’s come out of retirement. Now he doesn’t only have to do the heist but also find out who the snitch is ànd make sure the cops don’t get him…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is good with only some occasional white specks and some intentional grain but detail and shadow depth are as they should be and irritating stuff like aliasing or edge enhancement are absent.

The 5.1 track is decent with dialogues nicely positioned at the center speaker but the surround effects are kept to a minimum which sometimes even makes you wonder whether your surround system is doing its job as it should. Still, it fits the tone of the movie.


The Good Thief is a depressing movie with an enormously slow pace which tends to irritate you as hell. The first half hour of the movie there’s a good chance you’ll be wondering what the hell you’re watching as there doesn’t seem any coherence in the storyline. Still, once you get past that point and have decided to continue watching, you’ll get to see a reasonably decent burglary-movie with a terrific Nick Nolte. Dutch Filmworks has released a technically ok dvd but without extras. I would suggest renting this one rather than immediately going to the store to buy it

Our Score:

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