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Goodfellas SE

From the moment he was old enough to have a part-time job, Henry Hill (Liotta) has wanted to join the maffia. After a while he can start as an errand boy and through the years, his “career” gets better and better up to the moment he’s a full blown mobster. He gets noticed by Jimmy Conway (DeNiro) who teams him up with Tommy DeVito (Pesci). Together with these two, he starts up a couple of very lucrative jobs that brings in a lot of money.

Meanwhile, his personal life is not going so great. His wife (Bracco) has found out about his mistress and his boss Paulie (Sorvino) tells him to get back with her after a short “holiday”. This holiday means that he has to go to Florida together with Jimmy Conway to make sure some guy pays the mob what he owes but when they return, they get picked up by the police. Apparantly, the guy’s sister worked for the FBI and now they’re in the shit. During his time in jail, Henry starts selling drugs to get by and when he gets released, Paulie tells him to stop it. However, he doesn’t have any other decent source of income so he contacts Jimmy and Tommy and the three of them set up a business in drugs. Things seem to go alright again, but not for long…

Sound and Vision:
This remastered version looks pretty good but isn’t in the 1.85:1 aspect ratio that’s mentioned on the box but in 1.78:1. Don’t let that spoil the fun though as overall the image quality is pretty good with hardly any compression errors, no edge enhancement and good contrast. The amount of detail is also above average but some scenes do show a bit soft.

There’s a new 5.1 track present on the disc but don’t expect too many fancy effects. The sound is focused on the front speakers with good spreading while the dialogues are nicely positioned at the center speaker. The surrounds give some extra atmosphere and also the subwoofer helps a bit although not much.

Disc 1 has two audio commentary track, the first with the main cast&crew while the second (called “Cop & Crook) has the real Henry Hill and FBI agent Edward McDonald
Disc 2 contains next to the theatrical trailer 4 new documentaries :
– Getting made: The Making Of Goodfellas. Pretty good feature that lasts almost half an hour and is pretty interesting
– The Goodfellas Legacy: A couple of directors tell about how great Goodfellas is as a movie and Scorsese as a director. Not really interesting
– The workaday Gangster: A very interesting feature that constists out of interview fragments with Henry Hill, Nicholas Pileggi (writer of “Wiseguy”, the book that was the source for Goodfellas), producer Barbara De Fina, Paul Sorvino and Martin Scorsese.
– Paper is cheaper than film : sketches Scorsese made on the script that are accompanied by the final scene. Not really that interesting.

Goodfellas is one of the most best maffia movies ever made. Why ? Because it’s based on a true story, has a fantastic cast and was filmed by one of the best directors for this genre: Martin Scorsese. That alone should already make you run to the store but the fact that this is a special edition is an extra plus. The extras aren’t a lot but the making of and the interview-feature are really interesting and a true bonus to the film. The soundtrack isn’t special but does what it has to, while the image quality has been nicely upgraded.

Good stuff that should not miss in any dvd collection

Our Score:

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