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It’s been again a while since I’ve had my hands on a fun shooter so I was really looking forward to playing Gore, especially since 4D Rulers made it clear that the title was a good indication about the violence and blood in the game.

The game starts pretty standard with word that you are one of the good guys and that the bad guys are to be killed. Halfway the training mission in the Meat Machine (some kind of virtual reality machine) you have to come back to reality as the baddies are attacking your base.

That’s how the game starts, and don’t be surprised that you find the storyline to be thin as paper so I’ll just go on to tell you about the graphics.

Although there are some nice effects, overall the game made me think of Monolith’s Blood. I sometimes even had the idea that the characters were 2D instead of 3D.

The enemies (and your allies for that matter) tend to run around like moving collector cards that are being shuffled at high rate. Not really what one would expect from a modern game, wouldn’t you say ?

To make things worse, the AI of the game is all but good. From time to time, enemies hide behind corners, but if that’s all there is to AI, I think 4D Rulers should take some lessons from other developers like ID Software or Raven.
No surprise effects at all, and the few co-op missions tend to be frustrating as your “fellows” are running more in your way than helping you. Also it seems that your mates die alot easier than you or your enemies who’s hobby it is to start following you constantly as soon as they spot you.

The sound is nothing special with the standard types of effects and music and atmosphere is far to be found. It’s all just running around and shooting almost everything that moves. No scare-effects, no feeling of danger around every corner…

All in all I would say that Gore is the summum of mediocre. Nothing is really bad done (hardly any bugs) but nothing excells either. If this were a budget title (like it is over here with its price of 29,95 euro), one might find it a nice introduction to first person shooters, but if you have to pay full price, games like Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Medal of Honor, or even the Serious Sam games for the brainless shooting lovers amongst us are a better choice.

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