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Gorky Park

Three bodies are discovered in Gorky Park with their faces and finger tips removed. Detective Arkady Renko, son of a famous Russian general, is determined to discover who did the murders but while investigating, the tracks lead to a conspiracy involving the KGB, Irina (who he loves) and the rich American Sabel trader Jack Osborne. When the truth slowly but steadily starts to get revealed he knows that his investigation may get him loose the woman he loves or even get himself killed.

Sound and Vision:
The image has a certain amount of damage (from the source) but this isn’t really disturbing. Unfortunately, the colors are a bit pale and haven’t been freshened up which means that detail sometimes gets lost and certain scenes look extremely dated.

The soundtrack is mono so don’t expect anything from it. The dialogues are clear but that’s about all there can be said.

Theatrical trailer

Gorky Park is a classic and it’s a pitty that they didn’t make a new soundtrack in Dolby Digital 5.1 or even freshen up the image quality. This movie definitely deserves more than this kind of budget release

Our Score:

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