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Three roommates start spreading a rumor as part of a university project where they have to see how a rumor changes by being passed around from person to person. When the rumor really starts to lead its own life and one of their co-students gets arrested for suspicion of rape, things start to get out of hand.

People that have seen episodes from Dawson’s Creek will certainly recognise Joshua Jackson in the role of Beau, the student who gets arrrested. This also shows that director Davis Guggenheim has targeted his movie at a young audience and didn’t feel like spending too much money on top actors. This, unfortunately, is clear with the whole setup of the movie. While the basic storyline in itself is a good idea to start of, the way Guggenheim has played with the given information is not. Nowhere in the movie are there moments where the tention starts to raise and plot changes are all too predictable. Combine that with acting which can be called mediocre at max and you get a TV movie at most.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is good in anamorphic 2.35 :1 with sharp details and a nice color palette although things tend to look a bit dark from time to time.

Like with most movies that turn around dialogues, the surround channels are rarely used except for some atmosphere creation (whispering to be heard all around during the intro of the movie for instance) and background music. Although there’s not much use of the Dolby Digital 5.1 track, the sound is clear and sufficient for a movie like this one.

Director Guggenheim and actor James Marsden give commentary during the movie on an audio track. There’s 5 deleted scenes with an image quality which cannot be called “good” along with an “alternate ending” with an equal image quality as the deleted scenes. Next to that we also get a couple of music video clips and some takes from the movie where one of the characters interviews co-students to see how the rumor changes. All in all, the extra’s are in poor quality of image and don’t bring much extra to the value of the dvd. Having no possibility of subtitling is also not something to be proud of for the maker of this disc.

Gossip is a TV movie at best and never even seems to try to achieve better. I would think that it was thought to be a high school thriller which tries to jump on the success of block busters as Scream but without the slasher-part. Unfortunately the film does not succeed in this at any time

Our Score:

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