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Gran Turismo Concept 2002

Gran Turismo is one of the main titles for the Playstation 2 so you can imagine that I was quite happy when I received GT Concept 2002 Tokyo-Geneva in my mailbox. After having played it for a while, I now have the difficult task to review this game.

You get more than 80 cars, loads of concept cars that you normally only see in pictures or – if you’re a real car lover – on an auto show, and most of the minor glitches that one could see in Gran Turismo 3 have disappeared. So why am I not shouting how great this game is ? Because it’s a difficult game to give your opinion on.

Yes, GT Concept is a great game if it weren’t for Gran Turismo 3, but with its predecessor being sold at low price these days, people will have a hard choice.

There are 5 tracks present, Midfield Raceway, Tokyo R246, Swiss Alps, Tahiti Maze and Autumn Ring which all can be raced over and over again with various cars as soon as you’ve completed your license tests. Getting this license is not all too hard and that’s where the game puts me in dubio.

Racing in GT Concept is made easier than in the original Gran Turismo 3 and although there are loads of cars to race, a die-hard fan might not find it a challenge. While GT3 can almost be called a “simulator”, GT Concept is defenitely an arcade racer and I bet not everyone will appreciate that.

Racing against other opponents is nice and beginners will defenitely love it when they can turn a corner at 150 km/h with for instance a Ford GT40 Concept car although I doubt GT fans will like the fact that they’ll easily get past their competitors and that if they get into a spin, it’s not hard to catch up again and still win the race.

While GT3 will take weeks or even months for one to master all cars, Concept makes it easier for all of us and someone who is used to driving GT3 will have no problem to finish the single player experience in a couple of days.

Multiplayer on the other hand is very nice. With the upgraded graphics and extremely realistic-looking cars and surroundings, one can really enjoy beating his friends.

The sound is good as it was with GT3 with the only minor point being that whatever you choose from the extensive soundtrack list, you won’t really be able to enjoy it because of the loudness of the engine effects.

A disappointment is still that there are no damage models for the cars, so even when you crash into the wall, your car will look like it just was delivered from the shop and polished to shine. We’ll probably have to wait until Gran Turismo 4 for that. On the other hand, the tracks look mighty realistic with only the public looking 2D in the replay.

GT Concept is by far the best arcade racer out there. If you’re a die-hard GT fan looking for a challenge : don’t bother and wait for GT4.

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