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Grandma's Boy – Unrated

Alex is with his age of 35 years the oldest game tester in the world. His days are filled with playtesting the newest videogames, smoking dope and hanging around. One day he gets thrown out of his appartment because his roommate has spent all the rent money on Taiwanese prostitutes and therefore he needs a new place to bunk. After having spent the night at one of his friends (which turned into a disaster) he decides to move in with his grandmother who lives together with two other elderly women. Not the “hottest” place to stay for a videogame tester…

Sound and Vision:
The image is decent but nothing special. The amount of detail could be better but overall the quality is good without obnoxious compression errors and such.

The soundtrack does its job nicely with good use of the surround speakers for effects and music while also the subwoofer gets a piece of the action.

– Featurette “Monkey”
– Featurette “Covert Whacks It”
– Music video’s of “Another Day” by The Twenty Twos
– Making of Music Video of “Another Day” by The Twenty Twos
– Deleted Scenes
– Deletes Scenes Montage “scenes that went up in smoke”
– Alterned Takes Montage “Unsmoked Material”
– Pot Montage “Smoke This”
– Casting Sessions
– Soundtrack Promo “Baked Music”

Grandma’s Boy starts with a couple of very good jokes that might look a bit familiar but have a new pitch. However, quickly the film starts to degrade making it too predictable and the jokes hard to be found. The acting is average at best, the characters aren’t really all too fantastic and in the end it’s a very nerdy comedy that reminds of movies like the “Porky’s” but less funny. I wonder why certain top releases get hardly any extras while movies like these seem to be filled with them. Anyway, those that liked the movie will love the fact the disc has tons of extras you can check out.

Our Score:

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