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Great Raid, The

The Great Raid tells the true story of Lt. Colonel Mucci and his rangers who had to rescue 500 prisoners from a Japanese detention camp in the Philippines in 1945 with only 120 men while there were about 1000 Japanese hanging around.

Sound and Vision:
The image is sharp and has plenty of detail but the way the movie is filmed makes the overall image look dark and a bit colorless. This does fit the picture though and we never have any problems with it, but I think a bit better contrast would have improved the image. Of course, this is the director’s problem and not that of RCV this time.

The soundtrack is subtle with good use of the surround speakers for effects (plane flying over is impressive!) but overall I think more could have been achieved if there would have been more action and more focus on aggressive sound effects.


Movies are made for a reason. Uwe Boll for instance makes movies because some people find it interesting for their taxes to invest in his crap. So it’s not because a movie has a reason for being made that it’s actually any good. The Great Raid has as goal to make Americans feel good about themselves and their army in a time where they’re getting their asses kicked in the Middle-East and are governed by a president that hardly knows the difference between Iraq and … almost any other country that isn’t “Western”.

Based on a true story and two books, The Great Raid brings the story of the biggest succesful rescue operation by the American military and as such succeeds in its goal: make Americans proud! Does that mean it’s also a good movie? Not really. The Great Raid never tries to hide it’s made for propaganda and as such has a bunch of cardboard characters that are all heroes (except for the Japanese of course) and never manages to surprise you in any way. Don’t get me wrong: the movie isn’t all bad, it’s just that some more focus on action and less on attempts of making it a psychological drama would have been a better choice. A fun warmovie but nothing more.

RCV delivers the movie with decent image & sound quality but a movie like this just screams for extra’s like documentaries and interviews with survivors and we get none of those. Even a menu seems to have been too much trouble.

Our Score:

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