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Green Lantern

After his dad died in a plane crash, Hal Jordan grows up to step into his dads footsteps and become one of the world’s best test pilots, even if he’s cocky and arrogant. When an alien crashes onto Earth after having been in a fight with a great evil, Hal gets chosen by “the ring” to take the place of the alien in the Green Lantern Intergalactic Corps, a corps that consists of species from all over the galaxy and who are set on preserving peace and battling evil everywhere.

As the first human ever to join the corps, Hal doesn’t get it easy and with will as the corps’ main power, Hal will quickly have to get into shape and become more responsible as the greatest evil that has ever faced the corps is about to head to Earth and destroy all of humanity.

Sound and Vision:
Green Lantern is high on special effects and has tons of detail, but this unfortunately also means that some of the CGI is overly visible and sometimes makes you wonder whether you’re watching a movie or a videogame. The colors are high on saturation, making skin tones unrealistic at times as well, and the blacks aren’t consistent. At times they’re rich and deep, while at other moments they tend to just become a murky mess. The same can be said about the contrast which at times is really great, but then for no apparent reasons just becomes dull and flat. The transfer isn’t bad, but definitely not up to par with some of the other releases we’ve seen recently.

The sound on the other hand, does exactly what it needs to do for a superhero flick. We get a very open and dynamic sound stage coming from the front, almost constant effects and music from the rear, and plenty of bass from the subwoofer. And when the action really starts to happen, the sound engineers open up the volume even more to get you blown off your seat. Nice!

– Theatrical version as well as Extended Cut
– Maximum Movie Mode: Green Lantern’s Light
– The Universe according to Green Lantern
– Justice League #1 digital Comic
– Deleted Scenes
– Digital Copy

Over an hour of extras that give you some interesting background info on both the movie as well as the comics.

Green Lantern isn’t the most well-known comic book superhero, and if this movie is anything to go from, there’s a good reason for that: the story is simplistic, lacks depth, and contains quite some inconsistencies.

Hal Jordan is chosen from all of mankind to be the first human to join the Green Lantern Corps, the elite in the galaxy. After having received barely any training, he suddenly has to take on the biggest evil the corps has ever faced and what a selection of the toughest Green Lanterns in the galaxy couldn’t defeat. Still, Hal does it with a couple of jets. Yes, he has all the power of his imagination at his disposal and all he can come up with are two jets. Not really convincing.

Qua consistency, I’m just going to give one example: in the beginning of the movie, the ring apparently needs to be powered up in the green lantern every so often. However, after Hal has done this once, he’s good for the rest of the movie. Doesn’t sound all too convincing, doesn’t it?

Luckily, there’s two things going for this movie: Martin Campbell is a solid director who’s capable of delivering action movies (he’s done James Bond and Zorro movies in the past) and Ryan Reynolds is excellently cast as Hal Jordan, a cocky jet pilot who does manage to make us care about him. If it weren’t for these two factors, Green Lantern would have been a bust all around.

Hopefully the writers aren’t afraid to let their imagination run rampant and deliver a better script for a possible sequel so that we can finally understand why Green Lantern is such an interesting superhero that he deserves a big budget movie release. For now, just enjoy the ation and Reynolds’ charm.

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