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Green Mile, The

John Coffey is a giant black man who’s convicted for murder on two small girls. He’s hated by the white community and hardly got a fair trial. When he arrives at Death Row to wait for his execution, he meets the guards including Paul Edgecomb (Hanks) and the violent Percy (Doug Hutchinson) who will get to know Coffey as a man who’s not who he appears to be. During his stay, Coffey will change the lives of the guards and a strange mouse called “Mr. Jingles”.

Sound and Vision:
Excellent image quality with good detail, sharpness and no apparant problems what so ever. The 3-hour movie is transferred to DVD without any problems and the brown look you’ll notice is intentional.

There’s hardly any action and the movie is very dialogue-driven but still the soundtrack does what it needs to do and that’s create a good atmosphere that contributes to the overall movie experience.

A short “Making Of” and a trailer are all what’s on the disc, but what do you expect on a 1-disc release of a 3-hour movie ?

Stephen King’s movies aren’t all as good as one would hope they are (to give an example of a bad one : Necessary Things) but The Green Mile is a pure piece of jewelry. The relation between Coffey and the guards is incredibly well put on film and the feeling that shines from this movie will touch anyone who has even a little piece which they call “heart”. Must-have.

Our Score:

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