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Green Zone

Iraq, 2003. The US have won the war and Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller are sent out to find the illustrious Weapons of Mass Destruction that were the reason to go to war in the first place.

They inspect site after site based on supposedly good intel, but come empty each time. Miller starts feeling something’s fishy and when he meets veteran CIA operative Marti, his beliefs only get stronger. Marti asks Miller to investigate who the supposed source of this intelligence is and also try to make contact with General Al Rawi who can confirm or deny the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction. However, as Miller gets closer to the truth it becomes clear that there are more players on the field and it isn’t clear who’s playing for who.

Sound and Vision:
The image in Green Zone isn’t pretty. It’s grainy and has plenty of digital noise during nighttime and at times looks muddy during the day. That’s not a problem with the transfer but rather the director’s choice and as such the Blu-ray does the movie justice. The presentation is vivid, the color tones are spot on and the level of detail is despite the grain still quite good. Overall we can say that this transfer is exactly as the director intended the movie to be and that’s what you want.

The audio is of a similar level with constantly stuff going on and plenty of use of all channels while dialogues never get overwhelmed by the action. Exemplary stuff!

– Audio Commentary
– Deleted Scenes
– Matt Damon: Man of Action
– Inside Green Zone
– The Real Miller
– The Making of Baghdad

For once we get some more extras than on the US version and we can only applaud that seeing as we usually get less.

Despite the story being rather predictable (we all know Damon won’t be finding any weapons of mass destruction) Paul Greengrass delivers a pretty good action/war thriller with plenty of suspense and tension combined with necessary but not over the top action.

With Matt Damon in the lead you could easily make the comparison with the Bourne movies, but The Third Man would be a better film to compare Green Zone with. A political thriller that gets souped up with some action to please the masses. And nicely done so!

Universal adds to that an excellent transfer and a bunch of decent extras so we can only conclude that this is definitely a release you may want to check out.

Our Score:

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