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Grinch, The

In the town of Whoville, everyone is even happier than normal because Christmas is almost knocking on the door. People are going out and buying presents… Everyone except The Grinch that is. The Grinch is a Who who left town years ago because he had a different appearance and wasn’t accepted by his fellow people. Therefor he left and became a grumpy man who hated Christmas even more than everything else he hates.

One day, he goes down to Whoville to have some fun and there he meets Cindy Lou Who. He tries to scare her, but she seems to be the only one in Whoville who isn’t scared of him. In fact, Cindy afterwards goes to visit him and asks him to join the rest of the people of Whoville in their yearly celebration. After a lot of thinking and groaning, he accepts the invitation and goes to Whoville. But that’s without thinking of the mayor who really doesn’t like The Grinch and will do anything to keep the green Who from coming back to town.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is really good with no grain, no edge enhancement nor compression errors or scratches that might spoil the viewing pleasure.

Same goes for the sound which nicely uses the different channels to create a great Christmas atmosphere.

“Spotlight on Location” is the usual promo feature with interviews accompanied by movie scenes after which you can check out some deleted scenes. A movie like this of course has some bloopers so we don’t get spared from those in the outtakes. “Who School” shows the preparation of the actors to nicely portray their characters after which “Makeup Application and Design” gives us some more info on the makeup. “Seussian Set Decoration” gives some background info on the world created by Dr. Seuss and how this was integrated in the film and the documentary “Visual Effects” covers the… visual effects of the movie. Then we get the original movie trailer, a game trailer, a music video of Faith Hill, some text screens with recepies, production notes and filmographies. To make things really fun for kids, there’s also a submenu where some games and music pieces are located.

The Grinch on dvd delivers greatly for the kids with lots of stuff they can do and check out. The image and sound quality are also above average and thus we can only congratulate Columbia Tristar on this magnificent piece of work!

Our Score:

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