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Growing Pains, The Complete Series 1

Jason Seaver is the father in this family and runs a practice in psychology at home. This so that Maggie Seaver, the mother in this family, can go back to work as a journalist at the local newspaper. Mike the oldest boy is a rebel with lots of humour, Carol is the middle girl and the smartest of all of them, and last but not least there is Ben, the Benjamin. In this first series you get to know them en live their lives together with them.

Sound and Vision:
The series takes you back to the 80’s, not only the storyline and the clothing, but also the sound and image brings you right back in time. So quality is maybe not superb, but you don’t really expect more from a series like this one.

– Deleted scenes
– Reunion of the cast (really cool to see tham al grown up)
– Bloopers

The Seavers are back! Some say “jeej”, some say “oh nooooo”

I really wanted this serie because I used to watch this all the time when in aired on TV. The first 2 – 3 episodes weren’t really the way I remembered, but after you bite through the first disk it’s back to nostalgic times. Whitty remarks, funny discussions and recognisable situations, they’re all there even if they may be a bit out of date. If you’ve never heard of this series this is maybe not for you (or if you’re younger than 20) but for all the others I would definitely recommend this first season, if only to think back at the good’ol days.

Our Score:

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