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Grudge 2, The – 2 Disc SE

Karen Davis tried to stop the Grudge in the first movie but het attempt to set the haunted house on fire fails and she ends up in the hospital. Her sister, Aubrey, is sent to Tokyo by her mother to get Karen back to the US but when she arrives Karen falls from the rooftop of the hospital and Karen feels obliged to investigate what has happened together with a journalist who’s interested in the history of the house. Three college girls dare each other to enter the haunted house but once one of them gets locked in the closet that gives access to the attic, things go horribly wrong. In the US, a family have moved into their new appartment. However, soon after their arrival, new neighbours arrive as well and from that moment on strange things start to happen.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is pretty good although you might dislike the grainy images at times. Still, this is done intentionally to create more atmosphere so we really can’t put this as a negative point for the transfer. The contrast, level of detail and sharpness are all good.

The sound comes with a DTS track that really does its job very well, using the surround speakers a lot for additional creepy sounds and create an atmosphere of terror.

– Behind the scenes
– Film Clips
– Interviews
– Photo Gallery
– Liner Notes
– Trailers

The usual stuff we get on 2-disc special editions from Dutch Filmworks

The Grudge 2 continues on where the first part ended, but since that storyline wasn’t enough to make another 90-minute movie, two additional stories have been added to make the movie a little less the same as the original and give it a flavour of “21 Grams”. However, the new stories don’t add much and the way the three come together is very predictable. The Grudge 2 does its job as a horror flic but by now we’ve seen too many “long-haired dead women” appear in movies to make things interesting. The hype surounding remakes of Japanese horror movies which started with The Ring continues but the overall quality keeps going down. The Grudge 2 doesn’t offer anything interesting or new that wasn’t present in the first part and everything feels very much déjà-vu. If you’re looking for a horror movie and have seen everything that’s been released recently, you might find The Grudge 2 to be entertaining as a no-brainer but don’t expect too much or you’ll be disappointed.

DFW delivers the dvd with good image and sound quality as well as their usual bunch of extras

Our Score:

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