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Guru, The

Dance teacher Ramu Gupta goes to America to become an actor like his friend Vijay. Once arrived however, it seems his friend didn’t quite tell the truth; instead of being rich, he’s waiting tables at some stupid restaurant and next to that he’s also a cab driver which is the absolute low that Ramu can think of. Ramu doesn’t want to give up his dream so he starts auditioning for roles and ends up at the set of a porn movie where he doesn’t manage to get it off. Some advise of an actress gives him some insight which might help him in future roles but he doesn’t pay much attention until a couple of days later when he has to wait dishes at some rich people’s party. The local “Indian guru” gets a bit drunk and passes out so that Ramu – being the actor he is – has to replace him.

Hardly knowing what to say, he starts to proclaim the advise about sex he got from the porn star and the audience even loves it ! He’s immediately promoted to the personal guru of Lexi who starts showing him around the high society and presents him as the “Sex Guru”. Of course, Ramu needs more advise as he himself is a total looser so he starts hanging around with Sharonna (the porn star) who he pays to get advise for which she believes will help him to play in porn movies. Meanwhile he’s earning loads of money and getting more and more famous.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is decent with bright colors, good level of detail and blackness. Unfortunately there are some compression errors but luckily not too disturbing.

The soundtrack doesn’t impress but for a comedy like this we don’t need blistering special effects floating around your ears. The dialogues are positioned nicely at the center speaker and the other two front speaker add to the atmosphere while the rear channels are used only scarsely.

Deleted scenes, a commentary track from cast & crew, a video clip from the sugababes, photo gallery and some trailers along with the theatrical trailer is what we get. Nothing really special.

Americans don’t have the same sense of humor as we, Europeans, and we will probably never have a similar taste. While American might have loved this movie, I personally found it to be boring as hell and only at the very end there was a pretty funny scene which was immediately torn down by the next one…

Anyway, if you’re into stupid comedy with loads of expectable situations you might want to check this one out. The dvd quality is decent but nothing special or remarkable. Same goes for the extras

Our Score:

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