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In 1988 an 11 year old hacker with the nick name Zero Cool launched a virus which brought down a network of 1507 computer systems worldwide. He got convicted and wasn’t allowed to touch a computer or telephone until his 18th birthday. Today, Zero Cool who’s real name is Dade Murphy, just moved into New York together with his mother and being released of his sentence, he takes control over a TV network station under the nick name of Crash Override to make sure he can see his favorite TV shows. In his new school he easily makes new friends due to his hacking skills and in no time he’s integrated in the local hacking scene.

When one of his friends, Joey, accidentally breaks into a major computer system managed by “The Plague” and copies a garbage file, things start to become hectic. It seems the garbage file isn’t some harmless file as anyone who gets hold of it gets thrown into jail. Pretty soon Dade and his friends realise that The Plague isn’t just a system administrator and has bigger plans set out for himself. It’s now up to them to stop The Plague’s plans before they get put in jail.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is very good with nice dark shades without loss of detail, good contrast and color balance. I didn’t spot any edge enhancement, grain, aliasing or compression errors.

The soundtrack is superb to say the least. The music score is omnipresent, effects constantly float around your ears and dialogues are nicely coming from the front speakers. also the subwoofer is often used and makes your living room tremble which is of course a huge plus 🙂

Trailer is all we get on the DVD which is sad as I would have loved to see some interviews with cast and crew with their view on hackers and the making of the movie.

Hackers is from 1995 and the technical terms that are talked about as in “state of the art” are these days ridiculously low-end. Also the way the computer world is portrayed as a digital city clearly shows that the creators of the movie either have no idea on how computers work or think their audience has no clue (which might be correct ;p). Still, the theme itself is still very much of this time, the storyline is good and the special effects rock. Just too bad there’s no interesting extras.

Our Score:

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