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Halloween: H20

It’s been 20 years after Michael Myers has started killing his family. His sister Lauri (Jamie Lee Curtis), who was supposed to have been killed in a car accident, is still alive and has taken an alternate identity to make sure Michael wouldn’t come after her. In the years following Michael’s murders, she’s climbed up the ladder and has become dean of a private school in California.

When Halloween is coming up, most of the teachers and students head off on a trip while Laurie stays behind with her colleague and lover Will. Meanwhile, her son John has decided to stay behind aswell together with his girlfriend and a couple of their friends. When everyone is about to have a fun time, Michael suddenly returns…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality isn’t the best we’ve seen yet. The overall picture is too soft, the shadow detail lacks and in the dark scenes it’s often really hard to spot what is going on and this really hurts the fun of this movie as most of the time we’re looking at darkness…

The soundtrack on the other hand is pretty good with good of use of the surround and subwoofer channels. The music enhances the creepy atmosphere. The dialogues are a bit too soft compared to the rest of the track though.

– Trailer
– Cast interviews: very short interview fragments (30 secs each)
– B-Roll: clumsy behind-the-scenes footage

Halloween: H20 brings back Jamie Lee Curtis to Halloween and this movie was made to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series. This of course gives the movie some appeal but that’s about it. The plot is rather thin (even thinner than usual in a Halloween movie) and the “over-the-top” ability of Michael to stay alive somehow becomes increasingly worse, to a level where it isn’t even funny anymore.

The technical side of this dvd doesn’t manage to impress and the extras aren’t worth much either. Fans and collector’s of the series won’t mind all that however and buy the dvd anyway. All other people should stay away as even the above average acting from the (pretty good) cast doesn’t save this movie.

Our Score:

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