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Halloween: Resurrection

Halloween H20 finally saw the death of Michael Myers as Jamie Lee Curtis chopped off his head. Or so we were thought to believe. Resurrection starts off with Curtis being in a sanatorium, waiting for Michael to find her again. Apparantly, the man she killed was not her brother Michael but an innocent paramedic who was put on Michael’s mask. After a very short time, Michael finds and kills her but that’s not the end of the story, only the end of an era… We’ll never see Jamie Lee Curtis in a Halloween movie again.

A couple of weeks later, a bunch of college students are selected to participate in Dangertainment which is some kind of Internet version of Big Brother. Their mission will be to pass a night at the mansion where Michael Myers used to live with his parents and find out why he became a serial killer. What they don’t know, however, is that Michael hasn’t left the house and is still living there. And then the killing starts…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is really great. Throughout the film you’ll see the movie swaps between different styles to show the different locations and the dvd doesn’t have any trouble with that. The Myers house is shown in rather pale colors to reflect the desolate image while the college area has bright and vivant colors. Next to that we get to see quite a lot of “webcam view” which remind us of the shaky-cams of The Blair Witch Project. No compression errors, no edge enhancement, no nothing except excellent image

Same goes for the soundtrack which constantly uses the surround channels to pour creepy sounds at your ears and keep you at the tip of your seat while dialogues are still nice and clear coming out of your front center speaker. Really top-notch!

A couple of other RCV movie trailers

Although the Halloween formula is getting rather old, I must confess I still love it and to be honest: Resurrection is far better than H20. The image and sound quality are a real treat and it’s only too bad that there aren’t any real extras present on the disk. Still, this is one you should take a look at if you’re into horror flics

Our Score:

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