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Halloween, Rob Zombie's

Little 10-year old Michael Myers decides on the night of Halloween 1963 to murder the boyfriends of his mother and sister, as well as his elder sister herself. The only survivors in the family are his baby sister, and his mother who was out working as a stripper. He gets sent to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium where he becomes the patient of Dr. Sam Loomis who unfortunately is unable to do anything but see the boy turn into himself more and more and hide his face behind masks.

Seventeen years later, Michael escapes the sanitorium to return to his hometown Haddonfield where he starts looking for his sister, the only one he ever cared about besides his mother, and starts killing everyone that comes in his way…

Sound and Vision:
The compression errors are down to a minimum which is a good thing, but what’s a bit less is the fact that certain dark scenes are so black that you can hardly see what’s going on which is a bit annoying. For the rest the image quality is what you can expect from a recent release.

The sound is decent without being great. Dialogues are clear and understandable and the surround speakers are used for music and special effects with some support from the subwoofer. However, don’t expect anything out of the ordinary as there’s little tension or atmosphere being created.


Rob Zombie’s remake of the original Halloween unfortunately doesn’t come close to the original. There’s hardly any tension present and the entire part where we follow young Michael Myers can even be called plain boring. Zombie upped the gore factor and tried to bring more depth into the character of Michael Myers by showing more of his youth, but in the end this remake feels like being three movies in one; one about Myers’ youth and first kills, the second one being about his time in the sanitarium, and then lastly a more standard “Halloween” movie with Michael killing every on his path. There’s no real empathy going on, no real feelings, the characters are deep as cardboard and in the end there’s nothing to make this movie stand out of the crowd.

If you’re a hardcore Halloween fan, you may want to give this one a try to complete your collection, but if you’re not there really is no reason to get this one as the original is quite a lot better.

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