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Hancock is a superhero but not your ordinary one. He’s usually drunk, rude, sarcastic en most of all misunderstood. Still he does what he can to help the people but most of the time that comes with a ton of damages and therefore the local authorities start wondering whether they’re better off with or without him. When one day he saves the life of PR guy Ray the man wants to return the favor and use his knowledge to recreate Hancock’s image. But first Hancock will have to change his way of life and become a model citizen…

Sound and Vision:
We get bright colors and overall a good amount of detail. Compression errors and grain are completely absent so there’s little to complain about except for some unnecessary use of edge enhancement.

The sound is also of good quality but some more aggressive use of the speakers and subwoofer wouldn’t have hurt. A DTS track would no doubt have been a good addition.

– Sperhumans: The Making of Hancock
– Seeing the Future
– Building a Better Hero
– Bumps and Bruises
– Mere Mortals: Behind the Scenes with “Dirty Pete”

A promotional “making of” and a couple of short features on specific topics. Not really a lot.

Hancock is a fun superhero movie that doesn’t follow the standard paths that we usually get to see in this type of films. This makes it stand out of the crowd and the acting is pretty decent as well so those looking for a funny action movie will no doubt want to check this one out. The script is a bit simplistic and after the first action scenes the movie tends to drop in pace a bit but for no-brains-necessary comedy Hancock isn’t bad. Image and sound are also of good (not reference) quality but the extras are a bit thin.

Our Score:

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