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Anthony Hopkins is back in the form of world’s most loved murderer, Hannibal “The Cannibel” Lecter. 10 years after his spectacular escape, Lecter lives in Florence where nobody knows him. Clarice Sterling (Julianne Moore), however, has seen her career go downhill after a special FBI intervention went bad and she got the blame. Mason Verger (Gary Oldman) is a rich man who was once mutilated by Lecter and since then is out for revenge. He’s been following Clarice’s career and wants to use her to get his hands on Hannibal.

Hannibal is the sequel to the impressive “Silence of the Lambs” but where Hannibal was terrifying as a guesome serial killer, he now gets portrayed as prey for an equal psychopath and he even looks lovable from time to time despite the horrific murders he does. Next to that, the storyline of Hannibal is way more simple than Silence of the Lambs was. No tention building but rather horror plain in the face.

Sound and Vision:
The film is portrayed on the disc in the original version of 1.85:1 and anamorphic. We can say nothing about the quality except the fact that it’s perfect. No problems spotted what so ever.
Both DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 are available and are terrific with a very dynamic sound and good use of all channels.

Since Hannibal is a 2-disc set you can expect quite a lot of extras.
We start off with an audio commentary track by Ridley Scott which is included on the first disc. On the second disk there’s a featurette on the making of Hannibal called “Breaking the silence” along with a real documentary (75 minutes) on the making of the movie where all aspects on the making are shown including a bunch of interviews with cast and crew. Furthermore there are several other shorter documentaries on preparation, make up, music and audience reactions at the premiere of the film. A nice touch is that there’s several multi-angle extra’s including a couple of music video’s, movie scenes, interview with Ridley Scott and the openingstitle of the film. That’s not yet all as deleted and alternate scenes (an alternate ending which you should definitely see) are also included.
We continue the rundown with picture galleries, trailers, tv spots, teaser, dvd credits and an easter egg.

Although the movie “Hannibal” can’t compete with its predecessor, Silence of the Lambs, in quality, the DVD is definitely worth buying because of the quality of extras you get for your money.

Our Score:

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