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Happy Feet

All the Emperor penguins on Antarctica are born singers and Memphis and Norma Jean are no exceptions to that. Both meet each other and they’re immediately seen as the perfect pair. Little later, the wives go out to get fish while the men stay behind during the cold winter to keep the egg safe. Everything seems to be going pretty well until Memphis accidentally drops his egg. However, he quickly manages to recover it and get back to the rest of the group. Once the winter has passed, the women return and the eggs come out. Everyone is extremely happy and the same goes for Memphis and Norma Jean who welcome their newborn baby Mumble into the world. Little later, however, it becomes clear that unlike the rest of the penguins, Mumble can’t sing. Instead, whenever he’s happy, he starts tapdancing. This strange behavior makes that he’s seen by the elder Noah as a threat to the colony and Mumble gets banned.

Mumble luckily meets up with a couple of Adelie-penguins who are looking for the aliens that are robbing them from their fish. Together with Mumble, they continue their search in the hopes to find these aliens and convince them to leave some fish.

Sound and Vision:
There are some minor compression errors present in the image quality but you’ll really have to look carefully to find them. For the rest we can only say that overall everything looks excellent.

The sound is of equal quality with lots of use of the surround channels and subwoofer. Everything is perfectly positioned and the dialogues are crystal clear.

– Mumble meets a blue whale: deleted scene
– A “Happy Feet” moment: short scene where you get to see Mumble get his first swimming lesson
– Dancing like a Penguin: Feets from the floor: tap dancer Savion Glover gives some info on tap dancing
– Snap the Tap: short feature where again Savion Glover and director George Miller show the motion capture technique used in the movie
– Behind the Scenes: promo feature with some behind the scenes footage and short interview fragments
– Somebody to Love by Brittany Murphy

We’re used to seeing songs in animated movies but Happy Feet goes even further and can be seen as a real musical but with pop songs instead of rather classical music. The movie is really well-made but if you don’t like musicals you might get tired of it pretty fast. Kids won’t mind that though as they’ll love the different characters and the humour. A great movie for kids, adults will have to love musicals or manage to see through all the singing.

Warner delivers Happy Feet with excellent sound and image quality while the extras are a nice addition although a bit more wouldn’t have hurt.

Our Score:

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