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Hard Boiled Sweets

Johnny gets released from prison but immediately gets picked up by Fred who’s a cop in dire need for money. Fred forces him to help out in a scheme to steal money from South End crime boss Shrewd Eddie. However, Eddie is expecting a visit from his boss Jimmy The Gent who’s making his round of collecting money and as such, there will be a ton more cash available than originally anticipated.

Unfortunately, Fred and Johnny aren’t the only ones after The Gent’s money…

Sound and Vision:
Nothing specific to be said about the image and sound. Things look and sound nice without standing out in any way. We didn’t spot any too obnoxious flaws and the movie is very dialogue-driven, giving little opportunity for massive effects.

– Pick ‘n’ Mix
– A girl and a sweet
– A girl and a gun
– Deleted scenes

A making of where we hear how small the budget was and how great the script, a couple of deleted scenes that were deleted with reason, the original short that inspired this movie and a talk about that short movie. Nothing special.

Ever since Guy Ritchie made Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, we’ve seen a plethora of British gangster movies trying to interweve several storylines that end up in the same ending while mixing it with funny and smart dialogue. Unfortunately, most of such movies have failed miserably. Hard Boiled Sweets is the latest of such.

The plot as such is just about as simple as one can be and the makers try to lift things up by using multiple character angles and making things look stylish by comparing them with types of sweets. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work.

The acting isn’t bad, but the plot is just extremely obvious and things just don’t move along fast enough to keep you interested. The dialogues lack cleverness and originality, making you feel like you’re watching a washed-down version of Ritchie’s movie. All in all, you may want to give this one a try by renting it, but we certainly would recommend buying. Unlesh you’ve got a fetish regarding sweets…

Our Score:

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