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Hard Candy

Haley is a 14 year old girl who meets Jeff, a 32 year old man, on a chatbox. They decide to meet and during their conversation in the coffee shop, Haley decides to go to Jeff’s place where Haley notices that his house is filled with pictures of young girls on the walls. It seems to be going pretty well for Jeff, but before he knows it, he passes out to wake up little later tied up to a chair…

Sound and Vision:
Hard Candy contains a lot of hard colors that go along with the feelings of the main character. The image is hair sharp and contains a lot of detail which makes it very nice to watch. There’s some minor grain in the last scenes but that seems to be intentional. For the rest we can only say that this is a splendid transfer.

The soundtrack comes with a Dolby Digital 5.1 track which doesn’t get used a lot due to the fact that the movie is centered around dialogues, but still the surround speakers and subwoofer do add a bit of additional atmosphere.

– Making Of
– Candy Controversy
– Deleted Scenes
– Trailer

The extras are pretty good and give a good idea of how the idea came to exist and finally got turned into a movie. All aspects are pretty well covered in the first two features and both are of reasonable length. Good stuff, we like to see more of this.

Hard Candy is a terrific thriller to say the least. It’s been since Sleuth that I’ve seen a movie that can keep the viewer interested with only so little characters. The acting is very good, the storyline interesting with good plot and plot twists, and the interaction between both main characters is a joy to watch. Anyone looking for a decent thriller should definitely check out this one.

A-Film delivers a very good package with excellent image quality, decent sound and a couple of very interesting extras.

Our Score:

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