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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Widescreen)

Harry returns to Hogwarth to start the second year of wizardry, but things are all but ok. A house elf has warned him that it would be dangerous for him to return to the school and his voyage was all but easy. It seems someone doesn’t want him to return to Hogwarth, but why? To make things worse, Harry starts hearing a voice in the walls of the school saying that the Chamber of Secrets has been opened and that people will start to die. When several people get found completely turned into stone, it’s clear that a great danger is dwelling in the buildings of Hogwarth so Harry and his friends go out to investigate…

Sound and Vision:
Edge enhancement nor grain are hardly present and we haven’t noticed any compression errors or scratches/dirt on the film either. Very good stuff !

The same goes for the soundtrack which uses the surround channels very well while dialogues remain clear and understandable at all times. The subwoofer definitely gets its piece of the action and nicely supports the effects, making the whole soundtrack very atmospheric.

The widescreen version contains two discs with on the first one an overview of cast&crew, a short resumé of the first movie (The Sorceror’s Stone) and the theatrical trailer.

Disc two is where the interesting stuff is placed, starting off with 19 deleted scenes and an interview with J.K. Rowling and screen writer Steve Kloves where also some info is given on the next Potter-movie.
Dumbledore’s Office let’s you walk around in the office to see what’s there after which “Build a scene” will show you what it takes to film a Harry Potter book. This is where you really get to see how the production process was done. The main cast is interviewed as well and they talk about how much fun it was portraying their characters.
Of course we also get a gallery with production sketches, concept drawings etc of the different characters and creatures.

However, if you thought this was all, you’re wrong. There’s an entire section concerning Professor Lockhart starting off with a picture gallery, the certificates he’s gotten and the books necessary for completing the 2nd year of Hogwarth’s school of wizardry. To make sure kids will love the dvd, there’s plenty of games going from “find your way through the secret chamber”, “go through the forbidden woods”, “create your own picture gallery”, complete a quiz on wizardry, etc. Finally there’s 6 short demo’s of the EA PC game Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and some DVD-Rom extra’s.

Loads of stuff that will keep you and your kids occupied for quite a while.

Harry Potter. You may love him or hate him. Whether or not you are in for it, the Potter-saga is selling like hot sandwiches on a cold afternoon and Warner has done their best to make sure the quality of this dvd is the utmost best. The image and sound are very good and the buttload of extras will appeal to both parents and children. If you’ve got children, there’s no reason to let this one pass.

Our Score:

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