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Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire SE

Harry Potter and his friends go to the Quidditch World Cup but have to escape when Death Eaters arrive and leave a sign from Lord Voldemort. Things really don’t look too good and Harry is constantly plagued by nightmares of Voldemort. Back at Hogwarts, Dumbledore announces that they’re hosting the Triwizard Tournament where champions of all three schoold (Hogwart, Beauxbaton and Durmstrang) will compete against each other in dangerous tests for eternal glory.

Three champions will be chosen from the names in the Goblet of Fire but to everyone’s surprise a fourth name comes out of the Goblet as well: Harry Potter, who’s too young to officially participate. Everyone thinks Harry put his name in the Goblet but now that he’s selected he’s obliged to participate in this life-threatening tournament…

Sound and Vision:
There’s some minor edge enhancement and grain but nothing that spoils the fun. The dark image contains a good amount of detail and looks sharp. Compression errors are not present.

All channels are used at their optimal range and everything sounds very good. The emphasis is on the front speakers, but the rear does get used for some effects as well as the music to create an atmospheric track. A minor downpoint is that the subtitling is based on the Flemish soundtrack which results in names being translated (Nigel becomes Nico and stuff like that). Why on earth Warner did this is a mystery.

Dragon Arena:
– The Triwizard Tournament: The Dragons: three games based on the tasks Harry needs to in the movie
– Harry vs. The Horntale: The First Mussion: feature with director Mike Newell and ILM people who talk about creation and visualisation of the dragon
– Meet the Champions: short set impression with a couple people from the cast

The Lake:
– The Triwizard Tournament: The Lake: the same three games
– The Deep: The Second Assignment: we get to see how the scenes with Radcliffe in the lake were filmed and how Radcliffe prepared himself for these

The Maze
– The Triwizard Tournament: The Maze: the same three games
– To the graveyard and back challenge: another game
– The Maze: The Third Assignment: Preparations of director Mike Newell and actor Clemence Poesy on the maze scene and how the scene was made
– He who shall not be named: on how actor Ralph Fiennes gave body to Lord Voldemort

– Additional scenes
– Preparations on the Christmas ball: 9 minutes on how the actors got prepared for the dancing scenes
– Interviews with the actors: 30 minutes where the main cast gets interviewed by Richard Curtis
– Look back on Film 4 with Cast & Crew: interview fragments with the young cast where they give their opinion on the movie
– Trailer
– DVD-Rom

The latest episode of the Harry Potter saga finally sees Lord Voldemort in real life which is of course a reason on itself to watch the movie. Still, overall I was quite disappointed as there’s quite a lot of scenes that don’t surve much purpose. The beginning with the Death Eaters is nice but lack more explanation later on, and the ending is a major turnoff.

Technically, Warner has done again a terrific job although I still don’t understand why a DTS track seems so hard for Warner to include. Another thing that I don’t understand is why in the subtitles, even the names of the characters need to be translated. That’s something you just don’t do! The extras are fun for kids, but the rest of the world will find little of interest in them.

Our Score:

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