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Harsh Times

Jim is a former commando who tries to get into the LAPD but fails as he flunked on a psych tests. While waiting for something else to come up, he drives around with his best friend Mike who’s supposed to look for a job and the two have some fun while doing all kinds of shady stuff. When Jim gets the chance to join a federal bureau and hears that also Mike has managed to score a job, he pursuades Mike to go along with him for a ride to Mexico to have a farewell party as he’ll have to leave the country for his job and go on a mission to Columbia. But in Mexico, Jim completely loses it…

Sound and Vision:
The image is pretty good. There’s some filters being used to make certain colors stand out more or less but this doesn’t hurt the quality. Grain and compression errors are minimal and overall this dvd is what can be expected from a recent release.

The soundtrack comes with a pretty aggressive DTS track that nicely does its job and especially the hip hop music is great.

A Making Of which didn’t quite manage to interest us after watching the movie and a couple of trailers is what we get.

Harsh Times is directed and written by David Ayer who also wrote the script for Training Day and it’s very clear that the guy’s inspiration was running empty. You again get a couple of guys driving around in a car, police department is again involved and AGAIN things go wrong. Hell, even the atmosphere is similar! And still, with all these similarities, Harsh Times doesn’t even manage to come close to Training Day.

This movie is like pieces of a puzzle that don’t completely fit. Everything’s there, the cast does a decent job, but the script is just a bit flawed and the first-time director doesn’t really seem to know the tricks to make things right. Probably this is because the guy was the one that wrote the script… If you’re looking for a Training Day rip-off, you might like Harsh Times, but if you’re expecting equal quality you may want to go look for something else

Our Score:

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