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Haunting, The

The Haunting is a remake of the classic “House on Haunted Hill” with Malcolm McDowell where a couple of psychics and a scientist go occupy a haunted house to investigate the presence of an evil spirit.

In this remake, Liam Neeson plays Dr.Marrow, a scientist who investigates the phenomenon of fear and under the excuse of a course on how to sleep well, he invites three people who have a sleeping disorder to test their reactions in stress situations. Once they’ve settled in, the house starts coming to life and things get worse when it seems that Nell (Lili Taylor), one of the invited guests, has a special bond with the house.

The Haunting is a movie with a reasonably simple plot but where the original “House on Haunted Hill” lives on the tention created by absence of most special effects, this film is filled with them. Jan De Bont (Speed) has created a special effects movie with a small cast and due to good acting from Liam Neesom, Lili Taylor, Owen Wilson and Catherine Zeeta-Jones, The Haunting rises above average quality. Entertaining amusement which you can really enjoy with the volume on your dolby turned fully on.

Sound and Vision:
Both sound and image quality are superb. Except for an exceptional edge enhancement, nothing bad can be said as the picture is clear, sharp and nicely detailed all the time. Even in dark corners the contrast stays good. The sound is really terrifying and the Dolby Digital 5.1 track which has the highest possible bitrate (448 kbps) and spreads the sound over the different channels perfectly. If you’ve got the equipment, you can even use an extra pair of speakers as The Haunting supports Dolby Digital EX.

Nothing much. 2 trailers and a 27 minutes Behind-the-scenes with Catherine Zeeta-Jones as host are all we get

The Haunting is an ideal movie if you’re in for a scare. Especially with the sound volume completely open, this movie comes to its rights and your neighbours will probably think you’ve got a bunch of ghosts visiting your house

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