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Haven – Season 1

Hot shot FBI agent Audrey Parker is sent to the little town of Haven, Maine, to solve the murder on a convicted killer who recently was released.

Little after her arrival, she manages to solve the murder, but at the same time finds out that there’s more to this little town than meets the eye. For a long time, the town has been dampening special powers certain people have, allowing them to lead a rather normal life. However, recently “the troubles” have started and their powers are becoming more apparent, causing problems for all the town’s people.

Audrey, who has little to no knowledge of her childhood, also finds out that this little village seems to have something to do with her own past. While attempting to keep “the troubles” under control, Audrey is determined to find out more about her own history…

Sound and Vision:
Haven has a very natural look and feel, something that makes it stand out of the crowd when compared to most modern-day TV shows. There’s quite a lot of grain but that’s intentional. There are some scenes that are a bit on the soft side, but overall the image quality is good with rich and deep blacks, plenty of detail and vivid colors.

We get a dynamic soundtrack with most focus on the front channels and rear channels being used for music and some noteable effects. Overall the sound mix does a good job in providing additional atmosphere for the TV show.

– Audio commentaries
– Making Of Featurettes: Welcome To Haven, VFX Of Haven, Mythology Of Haven
– Behind the Scenes Video Blogs
– Cast interviews
– Season 2 Writers room sneak peek

Haven is loosely based on the Stephen King story “The Colorado Kid” from 2005 and follows the investigations of FBI agent Audrey Parker as she unravels the mysteries behind her own past as well as solves paranormal cases in the little town of Haven that’s being plagued by “the troubles” that have reappeared after having been gone for several years.

As many TV shows these days there are different mysteries to be solved in each episode, while Parker’s story is the red line that binds everything together.

The series starts off slowly and will take some getting used to as not all episodes are of equally high quality, but overall the show is pretty interesting and has some plot twists that will keep you interested. Haven isn’t a top series, but it’s got some interesting storylines, reasonably decent acting and manages to position itself between the standard whodunnit and more sci-fi oriented series whithout going so much into the paranormal that it would scare off average viewers.

All in all a reasonably fun series that entertains and can be seen as a nice snack in between top TV series.

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