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The Matrix Online Q&A

Who has been developing The Matrix Online ?

Monolith Productions in close cooperation with EON Productions, the company of the Wachowsky brothers.

How long has The Matrix Online been in development ?

A while… years.

What kind of a game is The Matrix Online ?

It’s an MMORPG game (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) allowing thousands of people to play simultaneously on the internet.

What’s the story behind the game ?

The Matrix Online takes off where Matrix Revolutions (the third movie) ends. All playing characters have just taken the red pill, and are aware of the Matrix and what it is. In game there are also a lot of other characters (not only people, but for instance also pigeons) that are not aware of the Matrix, these are AI controlled characters with whom the player will be able to interact in a certain way. In the game there will be also two major factions a player can choose to join, these two factions will oppose each other. We can’t say much more about the storyline yet, but it as been developed and controlled by EON Entertainment, Monolith focused on the technology of this game.

Does the game only take place in the Matrix, or will we be able to experience ‘real life’ too ?

No, all playing is done within the Matrix, players can’t leave it.

Will we encounter famous characters from the movies in the game ?

Without being able to speak of specific characters, I can tell you we’re trying to involve certain famous characters in the storyline as much as possible.

What are the most important aspects of The Matrix Online ?

For us, there were three important features we wanted to be in The Matrix Online.
First, it had to be a huge, urban environment. Second, we wanted the game to have the distinguished Matrix design look, and to give the players the ability to create their own looks with clothing etc. And thirdly we wanted to have the intense Kung Fu fighting available for the players to enjoy. We believe we have succeeded in implementing all three of these features.

What engine is the game using ?

We had to develop a whole new 3d engine, to allow for the very big urban environment. The new engine allows for people to just run from the outside to the inside of a building, without having to go through loading times. Once inside you can just look outside the windows to see life on the streets. The game also has a day-night cycle, and allows for weather effects like rain.

So there will not be any loading times in this game ?

No, once you start the game for the first time, that’s it.

Are there multiple cities in The Matrix Online ?

No. According to the Wachowski brothers the Matrix is one very big urban environment, so that is how we designed it. It really is quite huge.

The look and feel of the Matrix is quite important, how exactly did you implement this ?

Well, first off, the city really looks like in the movies, and so does the clothing. Players have a lot (really a lot) of options to change clothes and accessories. Dress your character the way you like, to make it look cool or tough. More options for clothing will become available over time when your character gets more experience. Really a lot of time has been spent on designing a whole selection of clothing accessories for the players to use in-game.

How about the Kung Fu fighting ?

It’s in there for sure, and we tried to make it look as smooth and exciting as in the movies. The fighting will be a major aspect of The Matrix Online, and of course, there’s Bullet Time available.

Bullet Time makes the character go in slow-motion, but how will the other characters experience this ?
Other players will see some sort of a sped up blur of the player’s movement in Bullet Time, but the sped-up blur movement will take the same amount of time as the slow-motion counterpart.

Is there any connection between Enter The Matrix and The Matrix Online ?

No, they are both separate games, developed and published by different companies. Furthermore both games are taking place in a different time frame.

When can we expect The Matrix Online ?

The game should ship somewhere in 2004, we can’t be more specific at the moment. But a closed beta test will start in 2003. If people want to find out how to subscribe for the beta test, they should visit the website regularly because the information will appear there.

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