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You’re Jack Wade, an ex-Head Hunter who’s lost his memory aswell as his license to kill and your life isn’t to be lightning up. Not at all.

The big chief of the Head Hunters corps has been killed and his lovely daughter asks you to find the killers and take revenge. Since you’re a head hunter that shouldn’t be a problem of course, except for the fact that you’ve lost your license and don’t have a permit to kill without it.

Let’s get that license first you think so you go to the training facility to do some VR-missions and although you used to be the best, you don’t get your full license in one go. Throughout the game your advancements will be recorded and new weapons will be granted when your license gets upgraded.
To get it upgraded you’ll have to perform several missions like driving around town at high speed with a bike you got from the murdered boss’ daughter or by performing VR missions.

Driving through town at high speed is a nice angle for this game but you can’t compare it with a real racing game unless you think of racing games that are at least 5 years old. Even when driving 200 miles an hour you won’t see any spectacular crashes when you bump into a car or anything.

The controls are not really easy to use and even kinda strange while the camera viewpoints could have been alot better aswell.

The graphics are pretty good although not outstanding and although the environment is very nice, there’s not alot of interactivity to be found. In the whole town there are only a few places where you can go so that’s a big disappointment. Why have a big town when you can only visit a few building ?
Also when you find something you CAN use, it’s targeted with a red arrow. Nothing can kill freedom than red arrows telling you to take something.

In between the missions there are a butt-load of cut-scenes with in-game movies and full-motion video switching between each other. You’ll f.i. see parts of a CNN-like news with real actors and suddenly you’ll have to watch a part with in-game characters… I would have liked it more if it had been either FMV or In-game movies and not this strange mixture which clearly shows the difference between real actors and game characters. I suggest Sega not to do this again because it shows people instantly the limitations of the game. An in-game character can be really well-modelled but if you put it next to a real actor it will always leave the gamer with a bad impression.

Head Hunter is clearly inspired by Metal Gear Solid with things like a radar showing your enemies, leaning against the wall, etc but doesn’t really get to the same level, especially when considering MGS2 has been released already.

Overall I would have to say that Head Hunter is not a bad game but not top-notch either. If you’ve finished MGS2 and still want more of the same, go out to get Head Hunter. If you’re fed up with this type of games, you shouldn’t even be thinking of buying Head Hunter as it doesn’t provide anything new and there are too many points which could irritate you.

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