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Max (Sigourney Weaver) and her daughter Paige (Jennifer Love Hewitt) have a great job going for them. Max marries a rich man, the day after the wedding, Paige seduces him while Max “catches him in the act” and immediately asks for divorce and a couple of days later they ask for a settlement which provides them with quite a lot of money.

After they’ve conned Max’s latest husband, Dean Cummano (Ray Liotta) they go to the bank to split up their money as Paige wants to go solo. Once at the bank however, the IRS (US tax administration) appears to have taken possession of all the money and to make things worse, they get an extra fine of over 200.000$ which has to be paid within 90 days. Max and Paige decide to do one big last con together which should provide enough money to pay the IRS and provide Paige with enough to start off on her own.

After their arrival in Palm Springs, they start checking out the local rich people and Max decides to take her shot with tobacco millionaire William Tensy (Gene Hackman), an old man who’s hooked on sigarettes and loaded with money. Paige doesn’t really agree with the choice and while Max is getting close to William, she starts searching for another rich guy and stumbles upon Jack Withrowe (Jason Lee), owner of a local bar which appears to be worth no less than three million dollars.

Things start to shape up pretty good until Paige finds herself falling really in love with Jack and Tensy drops dead at Max’s feet right after asking her to marry him. When also Dean Cummano comes back looking for Max, things are headed completely the wrong way.

Sound and Vision:
While the image of the original movie is in 2.35:1, the DVD release has 1.78:1 and sadly this results in pieces of the film which have been cut away and is sometimes quite irritating. The layer switching is set at a most unfortunate moment in the middle of a scene and is very disturbing. The same can be said about the fact that the image sometimes starts to shake without apparant reason and in one scene there’s even a bad cut. Of course, these last things might be caused by a flaw in the DVD I received, but I didn’t want to withhold this from you.

The sound quality on the other hand is pretty good. Surround channels are used for music and background (like birds in a park) while crystal clear dialogues come from the center speaker as they should. The subwoofer is only only sporadically for a couple of music parts.

Some nice extras are included on the disc starting off with the almost obligatory director’s commentary along with a second commentary track with Sigourney Weaver, Jennifer Love Hewitt and again director David Mirkim. To be honest, check the second one as it gives more variation. Next up are two documentaries, the first being the “Making Of” and the second giving some insight on bloopers that happened. Both are pretty good with funny aneckdotes from all cast and crew members and for once you don’t feel like they’ve studied lines to say how great production was. Also some very entertaining background information on the movie is given in the first documentary. The deleted scenes can be viewed with or without director’s commentary. Most scenes are just enhanced scenes that we’re not completely put in the final cut due to time restraints and to keep up the pace. Last we get the theatrical trailer, a TV spot and biographics and interviews with cast&crew.

For once a comedy is funny without being too burlesque. Overall this comedy is a relief to see as you can clearly notice that the crew actually had fun making it (which is also portrayed in the extra’s) and that reflects on the acting quality. The storyline itself is amusing and although his role is not so big, Gene Hackman makes the movie complete with his disgusting appearance as the sigarette-smoking William Tensy. Great fun for anyone looking for a friday-night DVD to watch with the boy/girlfriend.

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