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Hearts in Atlantis

When Bobby Garfield (David Morse) goes to the funeral of one of his former friends, he gets to hear that his former girlfriend Carol has diseased and this brings back memories of the summer of 1960 when he, together with Carol and Sully had the last summer of their childhood years.

To earn some extra money, his mother rents a room to the strange loner Ted Brautigan (Anthony Hopkins) who immediately becomes friends with him but his mother doesn’t really trust the man. When Ted hears that Bobby really would like to have a bike, he suggests to have the newspaper being read to him in exchange for a dollar a day. When one day Bobby sees Ted in a trance, he discovers that Ted has some kind of special power and that he’s on the run for “the low men” who are in the service of a secret government agency who want to use all paranormally gifted people in their fight against communism whether those people want to or not. When Carol gets harassed by a bully, Bobby calls for Ted to help and with his special powers he cures her fractured shoulder but right at that moment Bobby’s mother comes in and sees Carol with her bare top laying on the table with Ted next to her. She calls the police and with the help of Bobby, Ted needs to get away as far and as soon as possible.

Sound and Vision:
There’s loads of detail and the overall image is very sharp. Unfortunately there are also some compression errors that sometimes disturb the image. Also some dirt or damage which results in little white dots appears during the film and some minor grain also brings down the overall quality a bit.

The 5.1 dolby digital track focuses on the front speakers for dialogues instead of the center and the subwoofer isn’t used at all, making it sound more like Dolby Digital 2.0 than 5.1

Director Scott Hicks delivers us a rather interesting audio commentary track and after that you can take a look at a featurette where Hopkins is interviewed by Scott Hicks himself on the making of the movie. Last up is a trailer. All in all not much and none of the extras have subtitles which degrades the overall experience even more.

Hearts in Atlantis isn’t the usual Stephen King horror movie but rather a drama with some supernatural elements, much like in The Green Mile. The movie itself is pretty good but the overall technical quality does lack a bit and the small amount of extras doesn’t do the dvd any good. Rent it before buying (or check it out if you buy the Stephen King Collection box)

Our Score:

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