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Heat S.E.

Neil McCauley (DeNiro) is a master thief who’s planning a major strike which he wants to do together with his gang, a bunch of high-tech criminals. Unfortunately for him, detective Vincent Hanna (Pacino) is on to him and is preparing his team to bring in McCauley’s gang. While the day of the robbery is coming closer, two teams of men are facing each other from opposite sides of the law, with the final day of reckoning at hand.

Sound and Vision:
The image and sound haven’t improved over the original version so we’ll just repeat what we said before: “The image quality could have been better. Most irritating are edge enhancement, lack of depth in blackness and grain.

Fortunately, the sound is top-notch with great use of special effects and surround channels as well as subwoofer”

– True Crime: Michael Mann talks about his youth in Chicago together with Chuck Adamson, a retired detective who’s a good friend of Mann.
– Crime Stories: Mann talks about how the original script became a movie
– Into the Fire: several of the cast talk about their weapons training and cinematographer Dante Spinotti talks about the look of the movie
– Pacino and De Niro: The Conversation: a feature on the encounter between Pacino and DeNiro, the first time these two major actors are in the same scene
– Return to the Last Scene of the Crime: the producer and location manager return to the movie locations 10 years after the release of the film
– Deleted Scenes

This special edition is actually what the original DVD should have been. The image and sound haven’t been upgraded but we do get some interesting extras. For a real Special Edition tag we do find that a DTS track should have been added as well as better image quality.

Overall, this version is a good one for those that haven’t gotten the original yet, but if you have that there’s little need for the SE though (unless you REALLY want to have the extras)

Our Score:

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