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Neil McCauley (DeNiro) is a master thief who’s planning a major strike which he wants to do together with his gang, a bunch of high-tech criminals. Unfortunately for him, detective Vincent Hanna (Pacino) is on to him and is preparing his team to bring in McCauley’s gang. While the day of the robbery is coming closer, two teams of men are facing each other from opposite sides of the law, with the final day of reckoning at hand.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality could have been better. Most irritating are edge enhancement, lack of depth in blackness and grain.

Fortunately, the sound is top-notch with great use of special effects and surround channels aswell as subwoofer.


If you look at the cast, know that this movie is the ONLY one which features both DeNiro and Pacino in a single scene, and you know that everything centers around a grand finale which blows you off your feet… then you know there’s only one conclusion to be made: get it!

Our Score:

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