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Heli Heroes

It has been a while since I played a game like Heli Heroes. It’s a scrolling shooter for the love of god. Weren’t they extinct? Visiting an arcade in a local fair still reminds you that these were once played, but those days are long passed. Flying your machine and just pressing that ‘shoot’-button as fast as you can, meanwhile avoiding all objects and incoming hostiles is nothing more than a walk down memory-lane. Nobody says that’s a bad thing of course, it’s still fun to play but it’s the same over and over and over again. One could even say that a game like Serious Sam took this type of gameplay and placed it in a nowadays more popular genre .

As the title gives away, you’re controlling an helicopter. You even have the choice between TWO (!!!) choppers, and this all pressed on one cd, the technology of today…
Luckily you have one of those Rambo-type choppers or you won’t get very far.

The game itself is somewhat overwhelming at times, it’s very hard to keep an overview when you are shooting your lasers and missiles simultaneously while being under fire by SAM sites, attack choppers, tanks, stealth fighters and so on. At those times it’s just randomly steering left and right and pushing your shoot-buttons hoping you get out alive and your enemies don’t.

Heli heroes tries to make it somewhat interesting by giving you several objectives, taking out a terrorist leader, destroying some oil-wells… but it all comes down to the same goal: blow everything up that even has the nerve to enter your field of view.
The graphics are quite alright for this type of game, the missiles and explosions are nicely done, so is the terrain and the ground objects. You can even destroy the trees that are waving in the wind, woopi-doopi-di-doo!

The voice acting on the other hand is horrible, I hope from the bottom of my heart that the guy that does the speech is the end boss of this game, it’s the only thing that would keep me going to finish it. His non-stop wise-ass comments never seem to end. The occasional comment “Go to hell” I can live with, but please enjoy my actions in silence from time to time, I don’t need to hear all those same comments whenever someone gets killed because of my, admittedly, superb steering and missile-firing.
His way of saying that the chopper has been hit is terrible, he expresses it like you would say “hmm it’s raining” and saying things like “see you later alligator” always makes me think out loud “for a while crocodile” and I hate it when that happens. How could anyone put that line in a videogame, not even Duke Nukem himself could make it sound cool or funny.

There is nothing that gets you going in these sorts of games, it’s amusement in its purest form. Set your mind to zero and start shooting, nothing more, nothing less.

It doesn’t change the fact that I got bored after some missions. Ten years ago I would have liked it, but now… I want more in a game these days and maybe it’s my memory that is playing tricks with me or that my standards were a lot lower in the past, but I’ve played more enjoyable games in this genre.

If you’re into these games then go ahead and get it, it’s the only one released in a long time, otherwise don’t even bother.

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