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In 1944, the Nazi’s feel they’re loosing the war and turn to the occult. On an Island near the Scottish coast, Grigori Rasputin (Karel Roden) tries to open a portal to unleash the forces of darkness with the help of the Nazi’s but fortunately, Professor Trevor “Bloom” Bruttenholm (John Hurt), together with a division of allied forces, manages to stop them before the evil has managed to escape. However, the portal has been open for too long and a baby demon has escaped. Trevor decides to raise the baby as his own and call him… Hellboy.

Years later, Hellboy (Ron Perlman) has all grown up and fights evil creatures as part of the Bureau of paranomal research. However, Grigory Rasputin isn’t dead like everyone thought, and together with his evil friend Karl Ruprect Kroenen and his beloved Ilsa he searches for Hellboy as he is the key that can finally open up the portal and unleash the forces of darkness that would create hell on earth…

Sound and Vision:
This dvd has fantastic image quality with only some very minor grain and the occasional compression errors that only gets spotted when looking really careful but for the rest it is impressive. Lots of detail, even in the many dark scenes, a color scheme that has been filtered depending on the environment but doesn’t cause any problems what so ever, perfect contrast and sharp image.

The soundtrack comes in Dolby digital 5.1 and although it’s very dynamic and makes good use of the surround speakers and subwoofer, I couldn’t help wondering whether a DTS track wouldn’t have been a better option. Still, it’s one of the better DD5.1 tracks that are available at the moment.

DISC 1 :
– Introduction: short introduction of the director on what’s on the first dvd
– Commentary tracks by the creator and the cast
– DVD Comics: with this option on you can see the movie and in certain scenes a comic book will be shown. When pressing enter a short now comic on Hellboy will appear
– “The Right Hand of Doom” Set Visits: during the movie you get icons that when selected give a short view on the set of that scene
– Storyboard Track: storyboards get synced with the movie
– “From the Den” – Hellboy Recommends…: 4 short animation movies
DVD-ROM: dvdrom features

– Introduction: short introduction by Selma Blair on the contents of disc 2
– Egg Chamber: deleted scenes, filmographies & character bio’s, documentary (142 minutes Making Of)
– Kroenen’s Lair:
# Scene Progression: Ogdru Jahad (0.37 + 0.46 minuten)
# Animatics
# Board-A-Matics
# Storyboard Comparisons
– Maquette Video Gallery: camera spinning around a couple of mock-ups of Baby Hellboy, Abe Sapien, Sammael, Ogdru Jahad, The Corpse, Behemoth
– Bellamie Hospital: Theatrical Trailers & TV spots, Print Campaign featuring Posters & Final Campaign
– Hellboy Merchandise: link to the merchandising page on the web
– Trailers: Spider-Man 2, Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid, Frankenfish, Boa vs. Python, Kung Fu Hustle

Hellboy is the latest of comic book heroes to appear on the big screen and now also on DVD. Columbia has done a terrific job with this transfer and we really get our money’s worth in both image & sound quality as well as interesting extras. However, all that isn’t worth anything if the movie you’re watching is total crap but fortunately, Hellboy is way above average. It’s been a while since I’ve seen John Hurt playing a decent role but he’s superbly cast as Dr.Broom and the same can be said about the other characters aswell. Ron Perlman really gives Hellboy a personality and Karel Roden is perfect as the evil Rasputin. Although we hardly get to see Ladislav Beran in his real form, the character of Karl Ruprect Kroenen adds a lot of tension to the movie, and that like if there wasn’t enough already with the monsters Hellboy has to face! Hellboy really is a masterpiece when it comes to comic book movies and Columbia really seems to know how to make sure you won’t forget picking this dvd up when checking out your local dvd store!

Our Score:

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