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Hellraiser: Deader

Amy Klein is a journalist who never turns away from an interesting story. She goes under cover and finds what she needs for a good piece. When her boss receives a videotape showing a Romanian cult that kills people only to resurrect them little later, she heads of to Eastern Europe to find out more about it. Once there, it doesn’t take her long to find Marla, the girl that sent the videotape, but unfortunately, she’s already dead and hasn’t resurrected. In Marla’s appartment, Amy finds a strange cube and before she gets time to think about it, she takes the object with her to her hotel flat.

From the moment she has the cube in her possession, strange things start to happen. She has nightmares about Pinhead and her search for the leader of the cult gets her into contact with some very strange people that warn her that she doesn’t know what she’s getting into. Still, Amy isn’t afraid of some mystery and continues her search…

Sound and Vision:
There’s nothing specifically bad about the image quality. There’s some minor grain present in certain scenes and the level of detail could be upped a bit but overall we can’t complain.

RCV presents us with a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack and it’s quite alright. There’s some nice effects and the subwoofer gets a piece of the action but overall it doesn’t really impress.


Hellraiser: Deader isn’t the greatest movie and it again shows why Pinhead has never become one of the greatest villains of horror: his part in the movie is rather small. Although the necessary tension is constantly present, the makers didn’t manage to finish the job and again we get a movie that leaves us with a feeling that more could have been done to make this movie stand out of the crowd. Still, fans will probably have some fun with this flic and if you want to complete your collection, Deader comes quite cheap. Or if you haven’t got any of the Hellraiser movies yet, you can get the “ultimate collection” which contains all movies including this one also at a very reasonable price.

Our Score:

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