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Herbie Fully Loaded

Lindsay Lohan is Maggie Peyton, a third generation NASCAR racer. However, after she’s had an accident, her father (Keaton) has denied her to race again, ever. When she graduates from high school, she gets to pick a car from a dumpyard. And guess which car just got towed in? Yes! Herbie!

Although her interest is more towards a Nissan, she ends up with the beetle with an attitude and before long it becomes clear to her that Herbie isn’t “just” a car. After an unintentional street race in which she beats reigning NASCAR champion Trip Murphy (Dillon), she gets the chance to earn some money that could help save her dad’s racing team. But Trip doesn’t just want to win from her, he wants to completely crush her and get rid of that beetle that humiliated him.

Sound and Vision:
There’s nothing to complain on the technical side. We get bright colors, good amount of detail and even some “The Fast & The Furious” special effects that add to the comedy. Meanwhile, we didn’t spot any obnoxious amounts of grain or compression errors that could spoil the fun.

Also the soundtrack is pretty good, nothing bad there either.

– Audio commentary track
– Deleted Scenes
– Bloopers
– Music Video: Lindsay Lohan “First”

I was a bit scared that with bringing Herbie back to life, Disney would ruin the feeling of the old movies but nothing is les true. Herbie is back in full force and this movie is a perfect addition to the whole series. The same sentiment and comedy is still present and although one could say that nothing has evolved when it comes to storyline, that’s exactly what makes this film so good. Only too bad that the extras aren’t worth much…

Our Score:

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