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Heroes – Season 1

After his daughter died, Indian Professor Suresh believes there are people who’s DNA has been altered in such a way that they are capable of extraordinary things, things humanly impossible, and he decides to go to America in order to search for such people. Some time after, he dies and his son, Mohinder, decides to follow in his footsteps and continue the research his father started. As such, he finds out that his dad was right and that there are people with weird powers, but that this isn’t always a blessing is also something he quickly discovers. It appears that he’s not the only one aware of this and that there are secret operatives tracking these people as well.

Meanwhile, several of such people are trying to cope with the fact that they’ve got abilities that aren’t normal, and when one of them, Hiro, gets a vision of the future that a nuclear bomb go off, things seem to turn for the worse.

Sound and Vision:
Heroes has a slight problem with some aliasing but it doesn’t happen very often. For the rest there’s actually little to complain about. Except for maybe the subtitles that is. It happens often that they will be standing in front of the English text said by Hiro and that makes it sometimes hard to read them.

The sound is pretty good as we’re used from recent releases. Nothing special to say about those.

Deleted scenes, a making of as well as features on the special effects and stunts, a profile on Tim Sale, audio commentar tracks and some more. Quite a nice bunch of extras if I may say so.

Heroes is a very decent television series that takes the idea of posing questions from “Lost” but manages to actually give some answers as well. This makes that people will keep watching and won’t quickly have the feeling they’re being played. The series is shot pretty much in a comic-book style and this suits perfectly, especially seeing that it’s about Heroes after all 😉 If you want something different from the usual CSI’s, Without a Trace’s or other detective shows, Heroes is something you’ll really want to check out.

Our Score:

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