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When Brian’s mother dies, she leaves him a huge estate called “The Sanctuary” where she dedicated her life to finding a cure for drug addiction.

Brian and a couple of his friends head to the estate to see whether they might be able to transform it into a hi-class estate that could be sold off, but what they don’t know is that Brian’s mom had developed a succesful cure against addiction that had only one side effect: the addictions took on the form of mutated children that are out for flesh. And the children are still wandering around the Sanctuary…

Sound and Vision:
The image of Hidden (aka Hidden 3D) is plain awful. The DVD doesn’t have a 3D option but even in 2D things look murky, lack detail and has underwhelming use of color. It’s like a bad movie that was shot in the 80s and never had its source cleaned up. Add to that a ton of grain and special effects that look as if they were put on the picture with some ducktape and you have an idea of what I’m talking about.

The sound is mildly better with some use of the surround speakers for additional effects and a good portion of bass coming out of the subwoofer, but this can’t save a bad movie.


Despite having seen a rating of 3.5 on, I still wanted to give Hidden (3D?) a chance. I’ve always been a fan of low budget horror movies and am constantly looking if there aren’t any hidden jewels coming out that are missed by the general public. I should have known better.

Hidden is plain bad across the entire line. The acting is abysmal, the storyline plain stupid and the image quality and effects are so bad that after about 45 minutes I gave up. And my wife applauded me for being able to keep watching for so long still.

Hidden is definitely a movie that you can stay away from as there’s absolutely nothing that it has going for it. It’s that you don’t expect much from low budget horror flicks as otherwise we would gladly present Hidden the price of “Worst DVD release of 2011”.

Our Score:

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