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High Crimes

Claire Kubik (Judd) is a succesful attourney who’s got everything going for her: a great job, lots of winning in court, possibility to become partner at the law firm where she’s working and a loving husband who cares for her as if she was his favorite pet. One day her world gets turned upside down when the FBI takes her husband into custody. Apparantly his real name isn’t Tom but Ron Chapman, a former soldier who’s suspected of the murder on 9 people while being on a mission. Tom denies all charges and states that he’s being framed and when he gets a rookie lawyer assigned to him, Claire decides to take on defense for him. Together with Charlie Grimes (Freeman), a former drunk but expert in military law, she starts to investigate the murders. However, the closer she gets to the truth, the more resistance she’s getting and before soon she realises that even the top of the military is involved in this case.

Sound and Vision:
Some edge enhancement and minor grain are the only downsides to the image quality. Colors are natural and both contrast and depth are good.

This is a movie which doesn’t has many effects present so don’t expect your surround channels to be used much. Still the different channels are used (although little) and the dialogues are nicely put on the center speaker.

Carl Franklin is our host in his audio commentary track where he tells us a lot of background information. “A Military Mystery” is where writer Joe Finder tells us about the difference between the movie and the book he wrote while in “A Different Kind Of Justice” Alice Cate (a lawyer) tells us the differences between military and civil law. “FBI Takedown Union Square” shows us how the FBI scene was created and “Liar Liar: How To Beat A Polygraph” gives us background information on the lie detector. “Together Again” is the super-standard featurette where we get to see cast & crew telling us how great it was to work with each other while “Car Crash” shows us behind-the-scenes how the car crash scene was created.

High Crimes is a very standard “lawsuit thriller” to even a level that I fell asleep while watching it. Morgan Freeman acts decent as usual but Ashley Judd might have done a bit more to make her role a bit more real. Of course, the script and characters are so clichĂ© that you can’t only blame the actors for the failing of this movie. Fortunately for the DVD release, we get some more or less interesting featurettes which we can watch.

Our Score:

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