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Highlander 5

According to the myth, those Immortals that find The Source – the Holy Grail for their race – will find peace and tranquillity. Mythos and a couple of others have been looking for it for quite some time already and now that all planets are aligning, it looks like they’re getting close.

Duncan McLeod doesn’t really believe there’s a Source, but when his lovely wife Anna tells him she’s been having visions and that it’s calling for her, he’s got little choice but to join Mythos’ group and go along for the ride, looking for this mythical place. But if they really manage to find it, they’ll have to find a way to get past The Watcher, an unbeatable enemy that protects it.

Sound and Vision:
The contrast is way off and the overall look of the movie is far too dark which makes that the amount of detail is pretty low. Also, the makers seem to have a love for color filters as the color red hardly ever appears decently. Most of the time you’ll see blue-ish or green-ish colors that should add to the atmosphere of desolation but unfortunately only make the movie look more stupid.

The sound comes with a DTS track but don’t let that fool you: the sound is horrible. A television series comes with better sound. Dialogues sound hollow and the volume tends to fluctuate, the music is too loud compared to the rest of the sounds, … Really not something to brag about.


I have to admit I didn’t really follow the TV series of Highlander but what I remember from those episodes I did see is that they usually had an interesting plot, reasonably decent acting, some nice swordfighting and flashbacks towards earlier era’s to give some depth to the story. The plots were sometimes also spread over multiple episodes and overall were quite interesting as well. None of that in this Highlander 5 though. Here we get CGI and color filters that try to hide the incredibly bad script and average (at best) acting. At no time does this movie manage to equal the quality of the series (let alone the first three movies) which makes you wonder why in hell this movie was made except to make a couple of bucks maybe from the fans.

Stay away from this DVD as The Source is only a source of irritation.

Our Score:

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