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Five years ago, James “Rennie” Cray’s (Caviezel) wife was killed after a hit&run. He managed to stop the driver by ramming his car into that of the killer but the court decided it was an accident and James went to jail where he stayed three years. When he got released, he started receiving letters from the killer who clearly wanted to show off with his murders and since then he’s been tracking him.

When Molly (Mitra) one night sees her best friend getting killed by a green 1972 Eldorado, the killer takes a picture of her. Little later she gets approached by James who tells her the man that murdered her friend will return to finish his job. Her only chance for survival is to help James.

Sound and Vision:
Highwaymen contains very detailed image and eventhough there are a lot of dark scenes, things remain very viewable. The image nicely portrays the atmosphere with high contrast and usage of rather little red tones, making things look a bit cold.

The soundtrack is perfect. Cars and engines will be roaring around your ears 90% of the time and your surrounds aswell as the subwoofer get a decent amount of work which adds a lot of atmosphere into the film. Dialogues are nicely centered and very clear all the time.


Highwaymen is a short movie. It lasts for about 78 minutes. However, that’s no reason not to check it out. The storyline is simple (man throws away life to avenge his murdered wife and finds help with another victim of the killer) but since the movie isn’t too long, there’s no unnecessary stretching that would slow down the pace of the movie. There’s also quite a bit of Mad Max-level (the first movie, not the sequels) present and the roaring of the cars engines is just awesome. This is definitely a macho movie (with a small “hero” part for Rhona Mitra to keep the girls happy) but for once we really don’t mind that πŸ™‚

Our Score:

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