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Hills have Eyes, The

The Carter family are on their way to California for a well-deserved holiday when daddy Big Bob decides to take a shortcut instead of the main highway. This leads them to a desolate gas station where the owner suggests to take yet another small road in order to get even faster to their destination. Unfortunately, the destination the station owner has in mind isn’t the same as the Carter’s. A bit after leaving the station, the family finds themselves driving into a big rock after their tires blew up and now they’re stuck in the middle of nowhere. While Big Bob heads back to the station to get help, the rest of the family stays with the mobile home to find out that they’re not alone in the desert. Mutated people are watching the car and they don’t have anything good on their mind…

Sound and Vision:
The Hills Have Eyes has a tremendous retro feel from the 1970s and the image really goes along with that to pay tribute to the original movie. The contrast is high with bright white and dark black with the latter missing some details on purpose to make sure you don’t get to see everything right away. There are some minor compression errors present but nothing that really bothers too much.

The sound has clear dialogues and uses the surround channels and subwoofer impressively with good effects and music to support the creepy atmosphere.

– Inside Look: trailers for The Omen 6-6-06 and The Ringer
– Audio Commentary by director Alexandra Aja, art director Gregory Levasseur and producer Marianne Magdalena
– Audio commentary by Wes Craven and Peter Locke
– Surviving the Hills: Making Of “The Hills have eyes”: a very decent Making Of that shows all the different parts of making the movie. A very interesting feature and it’s funny to hear that the makers had problems convincing the producer to go shoot in Morocco because she feared “terrorism”
– Music video: “Leave the Broken Hearts” by The Finalists
– Trailer: Behind Enemy Lines 2: Axis of Evil

The Hills have Eyes is a remake of Wes Craven’s 1977 classic and while we often get remakes of horror movies these days, this one actually manages to do a good job. There are several new elements in this version and the overall look and feel show a good combination of modern techniques with a retro feeling. The movie has a very creepy atmosphere which gets nicely supported by the soundtrack and although the storyline itself is quite simple (as usual), it does what it’s intended to do. Of course, the cast helps in a tremendous way here and the entire cast does a pretty decent job portraying their characters without loosing credibility. For a remake of a classic, The Hills have Eyes is one of the better ones that we’ve recently seen, definitely a suggestion for fans of the genre!

Fox delivers the dvd with decent image and sound quality while also adding a véry interesting Making Of along with a couple of audio commentary tracks for the fans.

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