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Hills run Red, The

Tyler is a fan of horror movies and as a project he wants to find back a copy of the movie “The Hills Run Red” which was released years ago but was apparently so brutal that all copies got lost and all that remains is a trailer. His search leads him to Alexa, the daughter of the director, who he finds in a strip club. After getting detoxed by Tyler, Alexa offers to lead him and his friends to a cabin in the woods where the movie was filmed. According to Alexa that’s the only place where they’ll find a copy of the movie but once in the middle of nowhere Tyler and his friends quickly find out that the movie hasn’t ended yet…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is overall pretty good besides some grain here and there. The actual “movie footage” of course looks pretty bad but for the rest there’s actually nothing to complain about, certainly not when taking into consideration that this is a direct-to-DVD release.

The sound is good when it comes to effects and remarkably aggressive but the dialogues are a bit silent which makes the balance with the rest a bit off. Also the subwoofer could have used a bit more punch.

– Audio commentary track
– It’s not real until you shoot it: the making of The Hills run Red

What the DVD lacks in quantity it makes up in quality. Instead of a buttload of boring extras we get an informative audio commentary track and an even better making of that covers just about all interesting aspects of the movie.

The Hills run Red is a torture horror movie with plenty of violence and blood all around. It also doesn’t take itself seriously all the time and qua style reminds of the Scream series. Unfortunately, the comedy gets lost here and there with the seriousness taking the upper hand while the intro and ending tend to be stretched a bit long. The end scene itself (I won’t spoil it) is even a bit pointless and almost completely degrades the rest of the movie. Still, as torture horror goes, just about everything that’s necessary is present. Plenty of nudity (every lead female character shows her breasts), the obligatory hillbillies, the cabin in the woods and the insane killer are all there. Just as we like it!

Yes, the movie has plenty of flaws but if you like the genre there’s also plenty to like.

Our Score:

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