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History Boys, The

A bunch of teenagers at the Cutlers’ Grammar School have passed their exams and are preparing themselves to apply at Oxford University. The school’s headmasters believes they’ve got a decent chance to get in but wants some more assurance and therefore hires an additional teacher, Irwin, to get them up for the task.

Sound and Vision:
The movie is based in Yorkshire in 1983 and the image also looks like it’s from a 1983 movie. Not that there are compression errors or so, it’s just the colors and contrast that remind of films from that period. There’s some lack of detail and things could be sharper here and there but overall we can’t really complain.

A couple of features that show how the original theatre play was transformed into a movie. Pretty fun to watch, especially seeing that it isn’t the usual promotional stuff that we normally get on our plate.

Dead Poets Society with an English sauce and lots of gay activities. That’s in short what History Boys is all about. If you liked DPS, you’ll probably love this movie. Still, the storyline might be fun to watch, but it’s hardly believable. Who would believe that English schools are filled with gay and bisexual boys? I for one wouldn’t.

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