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Hitler: Rise of Evil

From his youth up until the moment he took over the power in Germany, we get to follow Adolf Hitler. We see him being ignored by his father and overcherrished by his mother. How he tries to become a painter but joins the German army in world war one to protect the country from communists and how he comes back, completely desillusioned by the fact that the German Kaiser has surrendered to the Allied forces. When he joins the intelligence agency to spy on new political movements, he gets interested in politics and starts taking over one of the smaller groups which gets bigger and bigger by his emotional speeches and talks about how the jews and communists are taking over the country. After a failed coup, he has to go to prison where he writes “Mein Kampf” and once he gets out, his influence has only grown. His way to the top is wide open and every obstacle in his way is about to get crushed.

Sound and Vision:
Hitler: Rise of Evil is a TV Mini-series of two episodes and has been made with the greatest care. The image is bright and contains lots of detail. Compression errors are absent aswell as dirt and damage on the film. Contrast and level of black aswell as shadow depth are also very good.

The 5.1 track is dynamic and nicely uses the surround channels when necessary without interfering with the dialogues. The music nicely accompanies and reflects the atmosphere while during WW1 you’ll have bombs flying around your ears. Still, do keep in mind that this isn’t a feature film but a TV show but for that it’s got very good sound.

There’s only two documentaries as extras but they’re quite interesting. The first one is called “Hitler, Man and Myth” and digs deeper into the personality of Adolf Hitler although it doesn’t give much more information than the movie did. Quite a pitty. The second one, “Hitler’s Secret Diaries” is a detailed documentary about the diaries that had been found by a German journalist and later on we proven to be false. Quite interesting.

I was really looking forward to this dvd and after having seen it I am extremely disappointed that it doesn’t continue until his death but stops when he grabs the power in Germany. I was truly impressed with the acting and the way the story was presented with every aspect of his character being displayed so well. I can only say one thing: GET THIS!

Our Score:

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